Galvanic cathodic protection using thermally sprayed aluminium arc spray coatings [metallising]
We WILL provide engineers to witness, test and commission the installation of corrosion control SYSTEMS in order to provide the ENGINEER OR contractor with the peace-of-mind that their installation is being completed to the fullness of the specification requirements.
Cathodic protection using MMO coated mesh anode and cementitious overlay

Whether it is to manage an installation on the client or Engineers behalf or offer expert advice to contractors we are able to offer support and guidance throughout the construction process.

We can provide essential pre and post construction health and safety documents, commissioning reports, and operation and maintenance manuals. We develop, maintain and implement detailed inspection and test plans with practical quality assurance forms and our in-house CAD facilities enable us to accurately record the as built condition of your corrosion control system.

Once an installation is complete, long term monitoring is essential to ensure that the system meets its specified performance criteria in an efficient manner. Regular routine monitoring enables the system to be kept operating at optimum efficiency.

Corrosion Engineering Solutions offer these services, providing you with the peace-of-mind that your corrosion issues are being managed so that you can focus on your core business activities.