Corrosion control and engineering solutions implemented at the Thames Barrier
Our aim is to assist your business to understand, prioritise and manage risk related to building maintenance in order to preserve and enhance the value of your physical assets over timescales that matter to your business.
Corrosion prevention advice for developers at Battersea Power Station

We will work with you to gain a full understanding of your requirements so that we are able to develop sustainable corrosion management schemes, ensuring that your environmental, budgetary and health and safety goals are realised.

We believe that the key to achieving this is by the use of experienced and qualified personnel to investigate and determine the true cause and likely future consequences of corrosion to your structures and assets. You will be provided with experts in the subject matter who will advise on the most appropriate remedial approaches for your particular buildings, which may or may not be electrochemical techniques.

This enables our engineers to develop schemes which can prevent corrosion in new and existing structures before it develops, and repair and halt corrosion where it is already prevalent.

Corrosion Engineering Solutions offer services in relation to the repair and restoration of atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete, buried and immersed steel structures, marine steel structures and early 20th century steel-framed buildings.

For new build structures we offer services relating to durability modelling, corrosion monitoring as well as the design of corrosion prevention systems for installation at the time of construction.

Corrosion Engineering Solutions take pride in the training and development of their staff and actively encourage their on-going participation and continuing professional development with the following trade and learned bodies:

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