Highways and
Civil Structure

Corrosion Prevention for Infrastructure Projects

Design and

Corrosion control and prevention for civil structures and building

Protection and

Corrosion Control for concrete structure utilising Hybrid Anode Cathodic Protection

Protection for
Ports and

Impressed Current and Galvanic Cathodic Protection for Ports and Harbours

Remediation for
Historic and
Listed Buildings

Cathodic Protection of Early 20th Century Steel Framed Buildings

and Materials

Non-destructive Testing and Concrete Condition Assessment

Consultancy for the

Impressed Current and Galvanic Cathodic Protection for Oil and Gas Structures

Corrosion Prevention
and Durability

Cathodic Protection for New Structures
Corrosion engineering solutions is an innovative provider of consultancy services in the field of corrosion related deterioration of buildings and civil structures.

We offer a comprehensive service from initial condition assessment and related risk evaluation to designs for prevention of further deterioration, development of repair strategies and planning approaches to long term asset management.

Our specialist remediation technique is cathodic protection, but we also provide expert consultancy in other electrochemical repair techniques and we utilise proven and innovative new technologies tailored to your budget and requirements. Our service to you is to provide advice on the appropriate remediation techniques for your structures. They will depend on the life and operational requirements of the structures and how they impact on your business activities. This is why we take a holistic view of repair techniques, considering the way in which structural deterioration affects business-critical operations and how repair and maintenance risks impact on your financial, safety and operational activities.


We offer a broad range of Corrosion Engineering Solutions that include:

Consultancy Services

  • Structure Condition Assessment
  • Repair and Rehabilitation Studies
  • Water and Soil Corrosivity Studies
  • Concrete Testing and Analysis
  • Failure Investigations
  • CIPS and DCVG Surveys

Cathodic Protection Services

  • Cathodic Protection Design
  • Cathodic Protection Audits
  • Cathodic Protection System Monitoring
  • Cathodic Protection System Maintenance
  • Cathodic Protection Installation Supervision
  • Cathodic Prevention for New Structures

Corrosion and Durability Monitoring

  • Durability Monitoring Systems
  • Corrosion Rate Monitoring
  • System Selection and Specification